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Monday, July 03, 2006

Careers for Bookworms and Other Literary Types

Careers for Bookworms and Other Literary Types, 3rd Edition. by Marjorie Eberts; and Margaret Gisler. (McGraw-Hill Companies, 2002)

This is a useful book with value-added information on looking outside the box for information professionals.

You are a bookworm if you relish days lost in the library stacks somewhere between Sa-Se and Se-Si. You are a bookworm if you read every possible moment you can--on the train, at lunch, at the doctor's office, in bed. Now Careers for Bookworms can help you turn your passion for pages into a career. [book cover]

Contents include: Career Possibilities for Bookworms, Careers in Libraries, Careers in Book Publishing, Careers in the Private Sector, Careers with Magazines and Newspapers, Careers in Glamour Industries, Careers in Education, Careers in Research, Careers with the Government, More Career Opportunities for Bookworms.

The strength of this book is it has very detailed information for librarians, teachers, educators, researchers, writers, scholars, and those interested in publishing houses, bookstores, etc.

It is a detailed catalog of types of opportunities and the skills that help, and includes for instance, the following:
Finding Reading Jobs (in a broad spectrum)
Working Closely with Books (in Libraries, publishing)
Bringing New Books to People (in marketing)
Providing Information for Readers (in media related jobs)
Reading in the Limelight (Careers in Glamour Industries)
Passing Knowledge on to the Next Generation (by teaching and training)
Searching for Information (as information broker, consultant)
Reading for the Public Interest (working for Government)
Reading for the Profit Makers (Private Sector)

A single weakness is that the book deals with careers in the fields of print and traditional occupations. There is no chapters on the new incarnations of the book: e-books, desktop publishing, online information services, information brokers, etc.

On the whole, nevertheless, Careers for Bookworms and Other Literary Types is a handy source for both, the beginners, and those who wish to find alternative areas to apply for a job.

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