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says, John Gardner in Conversations with John Gardner
Quoted from 'Dictionary of Library and Information Science Quotations'     Edited by Mohamed Taher & L S Ramaiah. ISBN: 8185689423 (New Delhi , Aditya, 1994) p.150. Available @ Amazon.com

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Google Alerts' mybookface! And, the true colors of Internet Explorer and Firefox Web Browsers in dealing with Web forgery

Google Alerts

to me : http://mediahyderabad.blogspot.com/
Deccan Chronicle ( ) Mediahyderabad in Online now Times, Indian following sells Jaundice Feb has Kerala a http://mediahyderabad.blogspot.com. Click Deccan - DECCAN In local ! ...

Clicked @
Deccan Chronicle ( ) and Firefox Web Browser shows ALERT, 'Reported Web Forgery':

Typed the actual website address, http://mybookface.net (@ Deccan Chronicle ( )) and Firefox Browser, still shows a WARNING:

Clicke and typed the actual website address, http://mybookface.net: in IE; and saw ' NO WARNING', 'NO ALERT' and 'NO FORGERY':

The bottomline:
1. Google Alert is mechanically generated, right. It may bring you spam messages / irrelevant site links, too. Possible. Period.
2. IE / Firefox Web browsers have different reception for the above scenario, as seen above.
3. While the website is using a similar url (probably to get Facebook-like traffic), it didn't harm the computer--then, is this type of site, that uses a popular and confusing-like url, is not tested by the robots @ Windows Live's IE and Mozilla's Firefox. The end-result: wasting the time, resources and patience of end-users!

Note: The term 'Web forgery,' is dealt as follows:


"Security researchers Emil Ljungdahl and Lars-Olof Moilanen demonstrated that, in cases where the entire contents of a page are enclosed in a
with absolute positioning, a web forgery warning dialog won't be displayed unless the user switches tabs away-from then back-to the forgery page." Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory.