"I certainly never write a review about a book I don't think worth reviewing, a flat-out bad book, unless it's an enormously fashionable bad book." --
says, John Gardner in Conversations with John Gardner
Quoted from 'Dictionary of Library and Information Science Quotations'     Edited by Mohamed Taher & L S Ramaiah. ISBN: 8185689423 (New Delhi , Aditya, 1994) p.150. Available @ Amazon.com

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The real secret to a successful blog/book/business...

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"For the last three years, Bert and I have tried to explain the "secret" to the success of the Head First books. We've tried to explain the "secret" to how a little non-news, non-scandal blog could land in the Technorati Top 100. We've tried to explain the "secret" to why Javaranch is one of the largest, most active, and well-loved developer communities on the internet. One big clue: we're not that talented. There is a secret, yet, but it's mostly a if-WE-can-do-it-ANYONE-can-do-it thing."

  • Success no longer has to be a meritocracy (or advertocracy), today it's just as much a loveocracy. Full article
  • Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Cybersins and Digital Good Deeds

    Yet another book, probably fitting in the field of Cyber Worship, Cyber Religion, online religion, religion online, and Digital religion. It is, nevertheless, about ethics, morals, fraud, social networking, technology, so on and so forth.
    PS. This review is not from my desktop.
  • Cybersins and Digital Good Deeds: A Book About Technology and Ethics,
    by Mary Ann Bell, EdD, MLS, BA, Bobby Ezell, MEd, EdD, and James L. Van Roekel, MLS, MA (Haworth Press, 2007) Contents, About the book.

  • Review:
    “EXPLAINS IN LAYMAN'S TERMS THE FAMILIAR AND UNFAMILIAR LANGUAGE OF TECHNOLOGY USE, AND OFFERS INSIGHT INTO THE POSITIVE AND/OR NEGATIVE IMPACT OF THAT USE. Technology opens up such a vast global arena for communication, entertainment, shopping, learning, the same activities we have always done, but with the potential to impact so many more people than ever before. Cybersins and Digital Good Deeds ALERTS READERS TO THE VALUE OR THREAT OF TECHNOLOGY USE AND MISUSE THAT CAN AFFECT US ALL.”
    -- Jan Robin, MEd, BS, Instructional Technology Specialist, Conroe Independent School District more reviews