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Monday, July 17, 2006

Business of Blogging Report 2006

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary named blog the word of the year in 2004, undoubtedly because of the enormous impact on the presidential election that year. In case you've been asleep since then, blog is short for weblog, an online diary where the blogger shares her opinions with the world, discusses personal interests, rants on politics, or just logs in the events of the day. Continue reading from Booklist

This world of blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc., is also known as the read/write Web. Interestingly in todays flat world, blogs are where the heart of the businesses marketing is being transplanted. Businesses, let me reiterate, need to know three things, synchronously, viz., a) input, b) thruput, and c) output. And, the Report (in hand) is just a sample of visualizing the Return-on-Investment.

The Business of Blogging
Published By: eMarketer
August 2006
17 Pages, 38 Charts
Price from: $695 / £ 375.30 / € 549.05 More details; and Table of Contents

Key questions the The Business of Blogging report addresses include:
What are the three main reasons blogs have not caught on with businesses?
How many US businesses are currently blogging?
How many plan to blog in the future?
Should marketers tap into the blog market?
How large is the blog audience?
What are the dangers of blogging?
And much more

American Advertising Federation (AAF)
Backbone Media
CIO Insight
comScore Networks Inc.
Forrester Research
Gallup Poll
Guidewire Group
Harris Interactive
Makovsky & Company
Pew Internet & American Life Project
PQ Media, LLC
Princeton Survey Research Associates

Among the conclusions:
A year ago, eMarketer looked at the business of blogging, and determined that blogs were a personal forum, a one-to-few-medium, and were not practical for businesses. Things have changed.
Blogs that cover product and strategy issues in a compelling, behind-the-scenes way are far more engaging than any press release.

Companies are learning (sometimes the hard way) that monitoring blogs is now an essential part of blog management.
eMarketer believes that a majority of business will participate in blogging over time, as consumers come to expect an alternative to traditional corporate communications. Monitoring blog content is also vital to brand management
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Comments from other reviewers:
Review: eMarketer $695 2006 Business of Blogging Report
A year ago, we told you that eMarketer's 15-page, $695 2005 Business of Blogging report was not worth the money, and brought no new insights to the conversation. Now, the 17-page, $695 2006 eMarketer Business of Blogging report has been published. And this time we recommend it for corporations that still need an overview of blogging.

Report changes tune on blogging for business
Today, eMarketer released a report called, “The Business of Blogging: A Review“, that “analyzes the contradictions behind why everyone is talking about blogs but so few business are actually posting them.”

eMarketer Releases The Business Of Blogging Report
I was fortunate to receive a full media (re: Blogger Media) copy from eMarketer entitled, The Business Of Blogging. This fifteen page report outlines the current Blog space in terms of business adoption and the possibilities for growth going forward.
While I’m not sure that there is anything available within this report that has not been made available publicly before, it does shed light on this burgeoning medium that is not being widely used by the corporate world for, what seems like, obvious reasons.

My comment:
I feel this is a useful analysis on creating an awareness about the value and return-on-investments. Knowledge managers, CEOs, and other information professionals will find this beneficial.

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