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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blogger Interface Upgraded -- The Good News and the Not So Good News

  • Good NEWS: My Blogger Tricks:
    All BlogSpot blogs will be automatically upgraded to the new blogger look so that it may blend other Google Products. With the introduction of Google Plus , developers at Google have given the same design and look to every Google service to keep things simple. The current interface at draft.blogger.com will now be officially launched at Blogger.com from First April 2012 onwards. This upgraded interface has many new features and is a lot faster. All your favorite blogging actions now have several shortcuts thus making your blogging experience even more worthwhile. We will also learn how to turn back to old blogger look or switching back to old user interface. Lets have a quick look at some of the important changes. Continue reading

  • Not So Good NEWS: Dave Lucas: New Blogger Interface Problems
    I woke up this morning with that new sluggish blogger interface shoved down my throat!
    Well, I thought, if I could find a way to zap facebook's timeline... I could handle this!
    UPDATE (10:30pm) The alleged "upgrade" has also crippled blogger's ability to read and publish posts that are "scheduled" - such posts must now be published manually.
    I prefer the old, more compact, version of blogger's interface: here's why:
    The opening interface looked like it was "buffering" the way a music video does on dialup. Hey, I'm on BroadBand!
    It took much longer than usual than upload a post.
    Trying to get an image up was a real bitch. The pictures just wouldn't stay centered as programmed.
    The new interface seems to hate it when you're editing the template HTML.
    And to add insult to injury, anyone doing blogger work on an iPad is SOL! (Continue reading)

    What others say:
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  • The Real Blogger Status: Better Get Into The New Blogger GUI Soon ...
    The New Blogger GUI (2011) was pushed out, during the past week, to a number of blog owners - and the complaints are showing up in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken. Some are polite.

    Please, Blogger - allow us the option of staying with the old format.

    and some less polite

    Are you listening Google? Your new interface SUCKS!

    Only one thing is obvious - many people, suddenly finding themselves using the New GUI, do not like the New GUI.
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    Anybody else having trouble navigating this new blogger? They auto switched me over today and I can't seem to find my way around very easily. And I can't add to my blog list on my page. And I have no little pencil icon to click on to make edits. I think they are in the process of working out bugs...but I was doing just fine with things the way they were and I don't like change when "it wasn't broke for me...so please don't fix it". Grrrrr.... And on top of that today is Picnik's last day. So sad. Adjustments and adapting, Lisa...you can do it. Sigh.
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    Anonymous said...

    The new interface is horrible. The orange colors are not easy to read. It takes up too much room. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old one. I want to keep it.

    taylor backersville said...

    But the blogger signature color is Orange. Doesn't matter to me if there's a not so good news to the new theme. I'm still gonna be used to it. :) tax debt relief