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says, John Gardner in Conversations with John Gardner
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Reviews - Willowby Woods

Blog Title: Willowby Woods a witch’s forest of piffle, poetry and painting
Blog URL: http://www.willowbywoods.com/
Former Blog URL: http://witchwoman.wordpress.com/
Blogger: Crystal Raven
Blog's Date of migration: August 12, 2008
Blogger's Profile: http://willowbywoods.com/about-2
"This site is about my daily life as a witch, mother, wife, poet and artist. I will also touch upon minimalism, home organization and time management. "
Subject Profile: Development and Growth Art
Tags:Book of Shadows Hedge Witch Series Piffle Poems Theory Tidbits
Tag Cloud @ Blogcatalog:
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personal development
the artist's way
the hedge witch series
winter solstice

Strength: Good design. Netmechanic analysis gives five star to each: a) Link Check and b) HTML Check & Repair. Overall technically (above, right side) there are no major issues, going by this automated roundup.
The tags or Categories are well organized and user-friendly. More subject-wise tags tell you what the blog is all about: Tags: poetry Mental Illness witchcraft pagan fine art persona;

Layout is cool and the content is well spread in first and second columns (and a third column hangs).
Navigation is easy and presents no problem

Weakness: No major weaknesses to report. Minor issues include: a) the third column can be used to add content--instead of leaving it blank; and b) there is no direct link to archives (The heading: Dusty old Tomes, leads you to comment section, not to the old posts).

What do others say about this blog [This blog is currently rated a 5.00 out of a possible 5 based on 4 comments. ]:
  • Mylissa: I really like your blog. Very interesting!
  • rani: Wonderful blog, from which we can all learn a lot. Thanks.
  • Cassandra: great personal and insightful blog. she is true to herself and i love that!
  • Ruben Ricart: Great Blog! I have the same theme for one of my blogs.
  • The Review Guy- Clear, crisp, simple, smooth. All words I would use to describe your blog layout. I love simplicity.
  • Blog Review DailyNot only is the author a witch, she is also a pretty good poet… Witch Woman is a blog that is interesting and scary at the same time…
  • KatYou have an amazing way of putting the facts down, without sugar coating them and making them touch the hearts of the reader.
  • MelindaI love your site! I find your writing so inviting–and I love the way you explain your beliefs in such a matter - of - fact way that is easy to understand. I love your blog–and think you are a great addition to the blogging world.

Recommendation: Good job. The content is focused. The design is cool, the site is not overloaded. This site is of interest to all those who wish to look at life with an alternative perspective. The author synchronizes mental illness, creativity and practical approaches that work and work well.

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