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Sunday, December 21, 2008

How would you rate this situation that lets web visitors decide layoff

PS. As an independent market researcher and not paid by any to do so, I would highly appreciate your opinion on this technique:

In news today:
Ad agency lets web visitors decide layoff
Dec 21, 2008 04:30 AM

Susan Pigg LIVING REPORTER @ The Toronto Star
"A Brussels advertising agency has come up with a novel, new-age solution to the economic downturn – a social layoff site of sorts where you can help decide, with a click, which of its eight employees should be laid off come January.
"Take your courage in one hand and your mouse in the other," says the ironically named company, So Nice, which has created a website that's the online equivalent of The Apprentice – minus the limo rides and the rich rewards." continue reading

See also what comments are @ The Toronto Star +++ Snopes.com

NB. Thanks to BPWebNews for the polldady's lead


timethief said...

I view this scheme as an admission by management that they are incompetent and incapable of making reasoned business decisions. If I worked for anyone who introduced this system I would quietly find another job as fast as I could.

Tonya R. Moore said...

Not to mention unscrupulous and callous! A bad idea. A really, really, bad idea!

Book Calendar said...

I agree with Timethief. You have to be incompetent to layoff people based on purely political motivations. Layoffs are usually based on a combination of performance and seniority not random strangers.

SBA said...

I can only hope it's some sort of publicity hoax --- otherwise it's very depressing on many levels!

Dhaval Parikh said...

People always hate to talk about when they are laid off. But as it has become every day's news headline since Yahoo started it with cutting 1500 of its task force last year, now a need of platform has been in demand where people can express their selves in words how they are feeling about their company, whey the got laid off was that justified or not.
And every thing they want to tell anonymously.And www.layoffgossip.com is providing you that platform.