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says, John Gardner in Conversations with John Gardner
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Blog Reviews - Managing Personal Finance

I tend to find that, by serendipity of course, some blogs are typically more in depth and engaging. However, some others simply link to other sites. Among the former is the following blog:

Blog Title: Managing Personal Finance
Date of birth: Sept 11, 2007.
Blogger Profile: Devray, a consultant in Personal Banking. Contact
Subject Profile: Finance, Personal.
Blog Posts Frequency (2008 sample): April (1), March (3), Feb (2), Jan (2)
Strength: Motivational, educating.
Weekness: None.
First post: Do we manage our personal finance in a right way?

Summary / objective stated in the first post: "Managing Personal Finance" provides you with well researched facts. Each post exposes personal interaction with financial experts and industry professionals. Starting with banking, credit cards, economy, home, insurance, investment, marketing etc. you get in-depth information about a wide variety of subjects. Be it fighting bank with banks or tips to survive an economic storm, planning your child's future or an investment plan for the middle class or even tips to corporate success, all are there for you to gain from.

Also, you will find Devray's involvement with compassion in the world of financial care, and hence the existence of Internet's first get-out-of-debt community. This site offers debt care's 101; includes interesting tid bits, such as, Shocking facts that debt consolidation and debt settlement companies do not tell you; Know how to solve debt problems; etc.

Topics / Themes:

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Recommendation: If you want to read and reflect on your financial assets, this one blog will have you hooked up and give you the required peace of mind!

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