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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Amazing Pace: Turbo-Charged Business Development

NB. The following is not about a book with a similar title, Amazing pace : the story of Olympic champion Michael Phelps from Sydney to Athens to Beijing, by Paul McMullen.

Here we are sailing in a different pace and in a different style, called busienss development. Amazing Pace: Turbo-Charged Business Development
Dr. Earl R. Smith II, ISBN: 1424186277, 183 pages.

Following is a description of the book:
I’ve never met a CEO who was really happy with the way business development was working. They all end up saying the same thing. “Traditional solutions fail to produce expected results while regularly generating unexpected costs. There needs to be a better way.”

Amazing Pace shows you how to turbo-charge business development. Over decades of experience as a CEO, board member and senior advisor, I have developed a unique approach to turbo-charging business development. It involves: 1) a board of advisors, which is populated by very senior people who are dedicated to driving the top line; 2) a different approach to resourcing and organizing a company’s senior management team; and 3) an approach that focuses on building revenue in large chunks.

This book will show you how it’s done. It will also help you avoid the pitfalls and leverage the strengths of your company. Read on—this really works!

Table of Contents
The Conundrum that is Business Development
Chapter 1: Five Reasons Why Business Development Is So Difficult To Get Right
Chapter 2: Seven Reasons Why Advisory Boards Don’t Produce
Chapter 3: Battle at the Cottage Gate
Chapter 4: Dysfunctional Advisory Boards – A Family of Problems
Chapter 5: Advisory Boards as Business Development Engines – The Beginnings
Advisory Boards
Chapter 1: Turbocharged Business Development
Chapter 2: Benefits and Costs
Chapter 3: John’s Questions – Round Two
Chapter 4: Change Management
Planning for Two Journeys
Chapter 1: Change Management
Chapter 2: Board Design and Population
A Working Board
Chapter 1: The First Board Meeting
Chapter 2: Conflict, Renegotiation and Removal
Chapter 3: First Blood
On Leadership
Chapter 1: Leadership That Empowers – The Fire of the Mind
Chapter 2: Leadership that Limits - The ‘Completeness Doctrine’
Chapter 3: A Balanced Senior Management Team
Managing Mt. Rushmore
Chapter 1: Anniversary
Chapter 2: Assessing the Impact
Final Thoughts
Contact Information

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