"I certainly never write a review about a book I don't think worth reviewing, a flat-out bad book, unless it's an enormously fashionable bad book." --
says, John Gardner in Conversations with John Gardner
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Friday, March 02, 2007

Reviewing a blog - benchmarks?

What is important in a blog's review?
Is it layout, design, format, context, content, or what else?

A techie would say, a blog is nothing but a Website. So, the review of a blog, is just like reviewing a website.
But then the techie may have a second thought, and might say 'wait a minute.' A Website most of the time constitutes distinct components, such as, (a) Web pages, (b) client based or server based content, and c) most important it is a showcase for a business. Whereas, a blog is, by and large, is not a site to host, store, and be-all or end-all in Web architecture. Some may be specific purpose blogs, but general use of the term blog is more with an immediate goal (see e.g., How To Build A Blog Empire).
Aha, then a blog is in this sense a window, and the Website is most of the time the main door, if not the main house for a business.
So, what makes a review of a blog different. Let's leave this for another post.
Here, let us look at how bloggers review a blog. For instance, @ Blog About Your Blog, the description of a blog includes: Layout, Content, Suggestions. A quick glance at these details gives a better picture:

Great header at the top, as the tagline says “the perfect blend of good and evil”. The template is a darker theme, but it works. Simple but decent. No ad placement or huge banners to take away from the content. You do see a somewhat large picture of the author, I might make it a tad smaller.

What I like everytime I visit this blog is the number of comments, it’s ridiculous. 39 on some, 42 on another, heres 53! It’s obviously a personal blog so there should be a few more comments than other blogs, but that’s still really good. She must have a nice broad readership. It gives the blog other story to read basically. First the article, then the comments.

With a blog as big as this one, she should make it easier to find certain posts or topics. Categories or a search bar would definitely help that. Read the complete review

Another sample Blog Review: by Zaib Kaleem
This time around my review is for NotSoBoringLife.com. First comment..great domain name…I’m surprised it wasn’t taken already. As always, I navigated to the “About Me” page first to learn more about Nathan Metzger. Right off the bat, Nathan has me interested in learning more about how to lead “a not-so-boring life”. Like him, I’m married with two kids and sometimes things get a little less than exciting. I’m always looking to shake things up…..”shark wrestling” sounds a little extreme for my angling skills but I’m definitely overdue for a game of paintball. Read the complete review

My own two cents in reviewing a blog (and my own blog, with malice towards none):
Details of my blog: Multifaith Information Gateway
Content: general coverage of faithwise information. Meant to promote religious tolerance in a multicultural and multifaith society.
Strength is in its unique contribution: This blog founded the first ever Multifaith Hall of Fame This Hall has received 14 comments from visitors.
Weakness: The blog on the whole is too general. Hence, lacks focus and depth.
User comments (general): very few.
http://multifaith.blogspot.com/2006/06/multifaith-hall-of-fame-of-21st.html: May 2006; total visitors todate, Bravenet counter is 3729.
Indexed (cited) in:
Spirit And Sky Definitive Spiritual Directory
Successful Blog: SOB A-Z Directory
All Things Spiritual Directory
LS Blogs Directory

P.S. The question then remains, what makes a blog, and what are the components that are a) essential and b) that are recommended?

NB. This question is not so simple, or simply about description of what are the itmes in a blog that are usable / useful (see such a catalog) or list of contents that make a blog. Furthermore, neither this is a question about functionality of a blog; nor about diffrent types of blogs; see similar views; and much more; and also CRITIQUE MY BLOG!

Any comments?

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