"I certainly never write a review about a book I don't think worth reviewing, a flat-out bad book, unless it's an enormously fashionable bad book." --
says, John Gardner in Conversations with John Gardner
Quoted from 'Dictionary of Library and Information Science Quotations'     Edited by Mohamed Taher & L S Ramaiah. ISBN: 8185689423 (New Delhi , Aditya, 1994) p.150. Available @ Amazon.com

Friday, November 10, 2006

100 best books of 2006 - Publishers Weekly

Thank you Seth for this info. And, there is no accounting for citing the cited source.

Publishers Weekly has recently published its list of the 100 best books of 2006. They only picked one book that might be considered a 'business' book. I'm sort of thrilled by this.

Thanks, guys. I guess there's no accounting for taste. Posted by Seth Godin

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